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Angry Birds - for Hewlett-Packard

Creature, a creative agency working for Hewlett-Packard, commissioned 9 artists from around the world to create artistic interpretations of mobile applications. All of the work from the artists was then silkscreened by DL in Seattle, and displayed at HP trade events in San Francisco & Barcelona. I hit the Jackpot when I was assigned Angry Birds!

I have not yet received proper photos of my or the others' work, so the photos here are stolen from this blog, which has some more information on the applications and HP www.smartjonescomic.com/2011/02/thinkbeyond-mobile-expressionism.html

The artist - app list is as follows:
Adam Pobiak - Angry Birds
Timothy Doyle - Taxi Magic
John Vogl (Bungaloo) - Evernote
Dan Stiles - Flightrack
Ames Brothers - Absolute Fitness
Ben Chlapek (Never Sleeping) - New York Times
Patrick Concepcion (Concepcion Studio) - Pandora
Amy Martin - How to Train Your Dragon
Nick Rhodes (Switch Open) - Flickr Mundo